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1 Down, 2 to Go
05/23/2011 03:07 AM by Pikulis.
After much effort, we finally managed to down our first token boss, Cho'gall. Congratulations to everybody that was present for the kill. Now, on to Al'akir!


2 down, 1 to gorickastlee at 06/13/2011 02:08 AM
Need a few good raiders!
05/11/2011 09:58 PM by Kayla.
Our core ten person raid team (10/12) is looking for a tank. With the summer months on the horizon we'll likely have more real life commitments, so the time to get the team settled is now! Most important that player can make our current times (T, Th, Sun 10:30 - 1:30 server), and that they are cool, mature, and coach-able. Raid experience is of course a huge plus. If you know a good candidate, contact Vahnstien or Pikulis.


None yet.

We've Been Waiting a Long Time for This
11/23/2010 01:34 PM by Tamarantha.

That is all.


None yet.

11/10/2010 12:07 PM by Tamarantha.

As Cataclysm draws ever closer, the guild is trying to finish up their goals of 10H ICC progression, and getting people Kingslayer titles! I believe we have gotten 26 people their titles as a guild, and on Sunday....

Congrats everyone!


None yet.

Forsaken Few, going forward
10/11/2010 09:32 PM by Tamarantha.

Well, patch 4.0.1 hits tomorrow, and with that brings a lot of changes to the game. Please read up on them! Your rotation, glyph, enchant, and gem choices may have changed, so be prepared! Some of the upcoming changes will affect how Forsaken Few does things going forward. If you have questions or ideas about these, please ask any officer!

  • We will no longer be doing progression in 25 man content in an organized way. The changes to the raid lockout system make it impossible to progress in both 25 mans and 10 mans in the same week.

  • From now until Cataclysm, we will be running the following: (1) A 10-man group focusing on killing the Lich King and getting titles for people who do not already have the Kingslayer title. (2) A 10-man group focusing on Glory of the Icecrown Raider, including heroic modes. (3) A raid for alts. This may be a 10 or 25 man run, depending on interest. (4) A raid for older content, such as MC, BWL, Ony, To(G)C, etc.

  • Raids (1) and (2) will run Tuesday, Sunday, and Monday. There will be separate signups on the calendar for each, so please only sign up for 1. If you are interested in doing both raids, please sign up as tentative for one and accepted for the other. Both runs will use the Shroud loot system.

  • Raid (3) will run on Wednesday, and Shroud will not be used. We'll use open rolls.

  • Raid (4) will usually run on Saturday.

  • There will be a separate guild rank created, called Alt or something equally clever, with all the privileges of Member rank. All alts will be placed at this rank, and will not be invited to raids (1) or (2). If the raid leader brings an alt into raids (1) or (2), it will be for raid composition reasons only.

  • You will be able to switch which character is your main, but at a cost of 50 DKP. (This number is subject to change.)

When Cataclysm comes out, all DKP will be reset. Forsaken Few's primary goal at first will be increasing our guild level. Once raiding starts, our goal will be progression. During the leveling process, the guild will be offering DKP on a weekly basis to the people who contribute the most to Guild XP during a given week. It will likely be something like 3/2/1 DKP to the 1st/2nd/3rd contributor, but the details are not final yet.

Once we have about 12-15 people at level 85, we will start raiding, although dungeon and questing times will be scheduled on the calendar just so people have an organized opportunity to group up if they so desire.

Once we have about 25 or so people at level 85, our raiding core will split up into two teams of 12-15 people each. Each team will have a leader, and everyone who is interested in raiding regularly will be placed on a team. Each team will raid separately, and we will strive to make the groups as balanced as possible. We will create additional teams as interest warrants.

To that end, every few months we will rebalance the teams so that they remain roughly equal in gear level and skill. (We'd like to avoid the Progression Group/Other Group dynamic we seem to have developed lately.)

People who are unable to raid every week may still be placed on a team, and the team leader will make all decisions regarding whom to bring on any given night. Since our goal is progression, it may be the case the people who are not able to contribute as much may not raid as much as they'd like - the expectation will be that team leaders will assemble the best group possible on any given night.

We have it in us to be one of the top guilds on the server, and if we can hit Cataclysm running as a cohesive team, we will be unstoppable! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the guild, please contact Tam or any other officer.


None yet.

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