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One further clarification/change
07/26/2010 01:59 AM by Tamarantha.

Sorry to keep spamming the front page with uninteresting news, but add this to the loot rules:

You must have at least 20 DKP to make a Shroud bid.
You must have at least 10 DKP to make a Standard bid.

This has been updated on the relevant pages.


None yet.

Offical Guild Rules changes
07/19/2010 03:35 AM by Tamarantha.

Here's an update about the changes the officers have decided on.

  • Primordial Saronites will continue to be sold at 1/2 the AH price. Any PuGs in our raids will have the opportunity to buy them as well.
  • Tier 10 tokens will continue to be awarded as normal, except that in order to win one, you must have at least one piece of Tier 10 equipped, gemmed, and enchanted (i.e., you are currently using it).

  • New invites to the guild will no longer receive 20 DKP on their first raid. New invites will start at 0 DKP and will earn their DKP through raiding.
  • The decay and bidding systems will not change at this time.
  • Characters will remain at Initiate rank until they have satisfactorily completed a raid. Satisfactory performance will be determined by the officers present in the raid.
  • If pugging is required to complete a raid, pugs will have their gear checked. This is up to the Raid Leader to decide on a case-by-case basis, but a good rule of thumb is the following:
    -2800+ gear score on wow-heroes.com
    - All gear must be epic quality,
    - with at least blue quality gems in all sockets, and
    - all gear enchanted appropriately.

  • Pugs that underperform will be removed from the raid.
  • Guild members that underperform may be removed from the raid. If you are removed from the raid, you will be asked to seek advice from your class leader or another knowledgeable player on how to improve.

  • All guild members will be responsible for the information on this website. Questions about the loot system, for example, are ok. A full explanation of the system at the start of every raid is not.

These changes are designed to make raiding more fun and more successful for everyone. Some guidelines: For DPS, if your dps is below any of the tanks, expect to be removed. If your dps is less than twice the tanks' dps, it's possible that you're not doing your job.

Tanks and healers are much harder to evaluate, but we will try our best, for sure.

If you're worried about good loot or tier tokens going to people who aren't pulling their weight, don't worry. Those people will not be in the raid group when it comes time to award tokens. If you're concerned, speak with your raid leader.

Please don't be offended if you're asked to leave a raid. We all need to be considerate of the 9 or 24 other people we're raiding with, and if one's gear, one's skill, or one's internet connection is preventing the group from succeeding, then others are dying because of that one person, and that's anathema to the idea of success or failure as a group.

Forsaken Few is a raiding guild, and my goal is that it be a fun one for everyone involved. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments about any of this, please let me know.



None yet.

Forum maintenance
07/14/2010 06:51 PM by Tamarantha.

I've deleted a bunch of users that are no longer in the guild. If I've deleted you by accident, my apologies! Please let Tamarantha or Kayla know and we'll fix it right away.

If you haven't registered your username (you get to see fun things and post on the forums), please do so! Remember to use the name of one of your characters so we know who you are!



None yet.

Guild progression
07/13/2010 04:48 PM by Tamarantha.

Lots of guild progress (which I unfortunately have no screenshots for). But the guild has killed both Putricide on 25 and Halion on 10-man!

Congrats to everyone involved!

Also, I've updated the loot policy as stated to reflect what we are actually doing - the previous version was out-of-date.


None yet.

I see... only darkness.. before me.
06/01/2010 02:18 AM by Tamarantha.


Gratz guys!!!physko at 08/14/2010 10:25 AM
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